Challenge Details

San Antonio is in the top 20 for most obese cities in America. Obesity is directly related to a host of sicknesses and diseases. COVID has changed  our nation with many protocols and protective measures to help but the best defense is a healthy body. Shockingly the recovery rate for those who are obese is dramatically lower than those who are not. As COVID numbers rise, our city needs to understand the value and importance of health and exercise.

The challenge will run Aug 28, 2021 - Jan 15, 2022.  The Challenge is open to everyone and mass participation is needed to reach our goal. Calling all individuals, businesses, schools, and churches. We are asking for a 4-month commitment of push-ups which would be tracked our website.

Individual submissions will be tracked via social media with #1millpushupsa.


We will meet monthly at Hemisfair monthly to maintain momentum and give updates on the progress towards our goal. This Dreamweek event will include prizes and winners will be announced at the closing event at Hemisfair on the 15th of January 2022. 


We look forward to your participation and cooperation.  Every push-up counts!



Yellow: 500 Push-ups per month.    Blue: 1,500 Push-ups per month.    Red: 3,000 Push-ups per month.



Yellow: 5,000 Push-ups per month,    Blue: 15,000 Push-ups per month.    Red: 30,000 Push-ups per month.